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City Mines (Lanka) Company

City Mines (Lanka) Company is an international commodity brokerage firm established in 1998 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The company specializes in primary food commodities, lentils, peas, split peas, beans spices and some other major food items. Our experience and knowledge help our customers procure the right products at the right time.

We are a leading International commodities broker in Sri Lanka, a provider of access to, and intelligence on, markets for commodity products. We offer expert guidance and access to markets for physical commodities and derivatives, on- and off-exchange. We have significant market share in all of our core commodity markets. This scale enables us to connect clients to every major commodity market on any part of world.

We possess the necessary personnel, infrastructure and financial resources that enable us to provide an efficient service to our customers.

Whatever your strategy and however you want to trade, City Mines (Lanka) Company can help.

As one of the Sri Lanka’s leading primary food commodities, lentils, peas, splits, beans spices suppliers, it works on the solid foundation of understanding and gratifying the customers’ needs, supported by a team led by highly qualified, efficient and experienced people. City Mines has gained its excellent reputation as one of the most reliable Primary products suppliers with its efficient chain of production, processing and distribution of products. Its uniqueness is defined by offering clients good quality, competitive rates, personalized services and on time delivery.

Product Details

  1. Pulses
  2. Peas
  3. Beans
  4. Spices
  5. Primary foods
  6. Sugar

We are committed to providing with quality products, competitive prices, and best services at all times. We are very actively working with exporters and processors to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. We buy large quantities on our account and process the product for export and domestic market. We have clients all around the globe who are working with us very actively. Our timely shipments, quality products and services are all well known amongst our customers.


Our Strength

Our ability to strategically source agricultural products specific to customer needs, ensure best & competitive prices and strictly adhere to agreed delivery timelines.

We are very competitive

With the assurance on the quality, delivery timelines, we are very competitive to get you the best prices in-sync with the market

We Know the Industry

With more than a decade of working in Agri Commodities, we bring to you our deep understanding of the market, expertise and dedication to serve you

We guaranty Satisfaction

We know this business works on Quality, Trust & Reliability and we assure you of our best services in all deals

We go the Extra Mile to Deliver Value

We know, as a buyer, you want your deliveries to be on time, handled professionally and we will walk those extra miles to ensure this to you

We Ensure the Quality

We believe it is nothing but our product quality can speak volumes on us and we strictly adhere to this

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Degree in Business administration(BBA)


Member of Global Pulse convention(CICIL)

Member of Sri Lanka- Benelux Business Council

Member of Sri Lanka-Australia- New Zealand Business Council

Member of Indian Pulses and Grain Association(IPGA)


International broker in Pulses, Spices, Grains in past 20years

Represent as an agent for AGT FOODS Worldwide


Navaratnam Ketheeswaran